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Product Name Description Price
SRAN8140 Artino Violin Shoulder Rest (4/4 - 1/8) $11.00
Select Size Artino Violin comfort model $11.95
SRAN8180 Artino Violin Shoulder Rest, Rosewood $26.95
Select Size Bonmusica Violin shoulder rest $44.00
Select Size Everest EZ Adjustable Shoulder Rest $11.13
SR560 Everest Collapsible Shoulder Rest 3/4-4/4, Black $17.30
Select Color Everest Spring Collection Shoulder Rest, 1/10-1/4 $15.50
Select Color Everest Spring Collection Shoulder Rest, 1/2-3/4 $15.50
Select Color Everest Spring Collection Shoulder Rest, 3/4-4/4, $15.50
Select Size Grey Shaped Sponge $3.16
Select Size Kun Violin Original Shoulder Rest, Black $23.69
Select Color Kun Violin Original shoulder rest 1/4-1/8 $17.78
Select Size Kun Violin Collapsible shoulder rest $25.75
Select Color Kun Violin Collapsible shoulder rest, 1/16-1/4 $20.58
Select Size Kun Violin Super rest $21.43
SRAN80 Kun Violin Bravo Shoulder Rest 4/4 $57.70
SRAN81 Kun Violin Bravo Shoulder Rest Collapsible 4/4 $62.50
SRAN90 Kun violin Voce rest Carbon $70.00
SRGN20 Mach One Violin maple 4/4-3/4 $46.85
Select Size Mach One Violin Inject $15.00
SRGN30 Mach One Violin M07 Shoulder Rest $20.41
SRGN20L Mach One Violin Plastic w/leather $17.38
Select Size Muco Violin Easy Model Shoulder Rest $7.78
SR571 Pedi Carbon/Titanium Violin Shoulder Rest, 4/4 $52.00
SR6 Playonair Deluxe Violin Shoulder Rest $18.95
SR6J Playonair Deluxe Jumbo Violin Shoulder Rest $22.50
SR62 Playonair Junior Violin Shoulder Rest $14.50
SR62J Playonair Junior Jumbo Violin Shoulder Rest $12.75
SR63 Playonair Crescent Violin Shoulder Rest $16.00
SR64 Playonair Duo Violin shoulder rest $15.62
SR64M Playonair Duo Mate Violin Shoulder Rest $25.52
Select Size Poehland Shoulder Pad $6.05
Select Size PSR Shoulder Rest $7.45
SR611 PSR Komfort Kurve Violin Shoulder Rest, 4/4 $9.45
Select Size PSR PLUS Violin Shoulder Rest $7.45
Select Size RESONANS Violin Shoulder Rest #1 Low $8.30
Select Size RESONANS Violin Shoulder Rest #2 Medium $8.30
Select Size RESONANS Violin Shoulder Rest #3 High $8.30
Select Size Round Spong Rest 2 pack $2.10
Select Size Super Sensitive Shoulder Rest $8.66
SRCN10 Wolf Violin Forte Primo 4/4-3/4 $27.23
Select Size Wolf Forte Secondo $27.50

All above prices are in U.S. Dollars.

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"These instruments are extremely well made and have a beautiful tone quality. I would recommend these violins to any of my fellow performers, teachers, and students."

-Cindy Crumb
Orchestra Teacher
Fairfax, Virginia

"As a teacher of high school students, I am always looking to find excellent instruments for a good price. I can recommend instruments of this quality without reservation. In fact, I'll be using one myself for touring and some of my own performances."

-Eric deWaardt
Violist National Symphony Orchestra


"Excellent playability, mellow tone, subtle response, and dynamic projection make this outfit a definitive favorite with our review team..."
-Strings Magazine
Review of Eastman Strings - maker of Prodigy Instruments

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